We R 1

Free standing

115 cm * 50 cm * 50 cm

mild steel - nickel plated

35 mm glass marbles

screw lift - motorized


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This is my first rolling ball sculpture and i made it back in 2009 to replace the aquarium in the wall. It can be observed from both sides from the kitchen and the living room.

The frame is made of 10 mm square tubes and the tracks are made of 4 mm rods. Track spacers and supports are made of 3 mm rods.

I used windscreen wiper motor for a small car. It´s a 12 V, DC motor but it´s powered on 5 V. The rotation speed of the motor is 26 RPM.

The sculpture has two spirals, two track switchers, tipping 4 ball collector, wavy track, S track, 5 spinners and a loop. Old Yugoslavian coins from the 1970s for 5 paras and 1, 2, 5 and 10 dinars are inserted in the spinners. To two spinners don`t spin everytime so they also act like pendulums.

The whole RBS is MIG welded ( I got my TIG welder later) and it took me about 6 months to make it. Mostly i was working during weekends.