Wheel of Fortune

Free standing

80 cm * 50 cm * 30 cm

Stainless steel - polished

25 mm glass balls

Screw lift - motorized



This one was commissioned by a collector from Italy. It was finished in November 2014.

For the first time i used 16mm glass balls with a separate track. They are lifted by the other side of a tiping arm.

The frame is made of 14mm tubes and 6mm rods. Tracks and track spacers are made of 3mm rods.

The screw lift is driven by a 6V DC geared motor.

There are many elements: 3 or 4 ball colloector (depends on a counterweight), two track switches, 3 loops, large spiral, flat spiral with two entrances, a "peperonchino" shaped pendulum, swinging ball element, wheel of fortune, balls on track (Newton┬┤s cradle), wavy track (large and small waves), tipping arm, separate track for 16 mm glass balls, tall spiral and a track skip.

It was TIG welded and electropolished.