Eternal Love

Wall hanging

 56 cm * 35 cm * 22 cm

 Stainless steel - high gloss polished

 25 mm glass marble

 Ball tower lift - hand powered


Watch video           Watch video of motorized sculpture


Finished in February 2013.

The frame is made of 6 mm rod and represents

Eternal knotan endless (eternal) knot symbolizing eternal love and friendship (and more). It`s my favorite symbol.

Tracks, spacers and brackets are made of 3 mm rod. This is the first time to present the ball tower lift. I invented it two years ago and incorporated it into a sculpture that I plan to finish this summer.

It´s hand powered, but motorization is possible as seen on second video.

The elements on the sculpture are: large spiral, flat spiral with two entrances, wavy track, track skip, ball jump, S track and a heart shaped pendulum.