Tree Tango

Wall hanging

 75 cm * 50 cm * 20 cm

 Stainless steel - high gloss polished

 ping-pong balls

 Ball tower lift - hand powered


Watch video          Wach video of motorized sculpture


Finished in May 2013.

Luis Armstrong said "It takes two to tango" and on this rolling ball sculpture two ping-pong balls perform a tango dance from top to bottom although up to four balls can roll at once. The balls perform 27 jumps, skips or falls constantly changing speed, direction and rotation as they roll on two tracks from top to bottom. By gently pressing the lever the cycle is repeated.

The sculpture is hand powered so whenever you are near just press and enjoy. No need for electricity, no cables attached and no buzzing motors. The benefit of manual operation is also possibility of different performances:

- only left ball rolls   - only right ball rolls  

- right first, followed by the left; balls perform a crossing (as seen on video)

- left first, followed by the right; balls meet at the lift entrance at the same time (as seen on video)


The lift and mounting bracket are made of 6mm ss rods and branches are made of 4mm ss rods.