Material and finish

My rolling ball sculptures are made of TIG or MIG welded stainless or mild steel. Although I prefer making all metal sculptures wood can sometimes be incorporated as a frame or a part of a lift or an element.

As for the finish the metal can be polished, nickel plated, powder coated - painted and hand painted.



This is my choice of material. It doesn˙t rust so it needs no extra finish except polishing. Polished stainless steel doesn˙t lose its shine and doesn˙t wear. If one likes a rolling ball sculpture in a different color instead of shiny metal and plans to keep it in a humid environment like sauna, pool or balcony, a powder coated stainless steel is the right choice. There are many colors to choose from.

If one likes only some parts of the sculpture to be painted they have to be hand painted.

Stainless steel can not be nickel plated but can be polished to a shiny finish - almost as shiny as nickel plated.



It rusts so it needs some sort of protection.

It can be nickel plated for shiny metal look, powder coated for all in one color look and some parts can be hand painted for a colorful look in combination with powder coated or nickel plated finish.

Humid environment is no place for a mild steel rolling ball sculpture and it needs to be kept in a dry environment regardless the finish.