Boris Atanasovski

Hello.  I’ve been involved in rolling ball sculptures since 2009. It all started with Fracture the movie, where I saw a rolling ball sculpture for the first time. When I was leaving the cinema I was sure I was going to make one, but I never knew it will become a full time occupation. 

My first piece is called “We R 1”. I like to use this logo as a reminder that all the conscious beings are one on a certain level.

When making a rolling ball sculpture I strive to achieve an elegant movement of the balls and elements, a pleasant sound of the sculpture and an aesthetic appearance of the sculpture. Some sort of symbolism can always be found in my work.

I like to make high quality sculptures. Electropolished stainless steel will keep the same appearance for decades. A noiseless high quality German gear motor will guarantee a long time continuous rotation of the lift. Steel is welded with TIG welder for cute and strong welds. Stainless steel is primarily used but some wooden parts can also be incorporated. Actually, anything can be incorporated in the sculpture – to be added after the electropolishing process. 

I’m stationed in Ljubljana/Slovenija/Europe/Earth :). You can reach me on my email  and we can discuss a potential commission.