Dream Maker

110 cm * 50 cm * 185 cm high

6 tracks (3 red & 3 blue)

25 mm polished glass balls, 25 mm uranium glass ball, 30 mm wooden ball, 40 mm ping pong ball

polished stainless steel

Commissioned to be displayed at INO – National Institute of Orthodontics, Santiago, Chile.

There are many new features in this one. Jumping pig pong ball, uranium glass ball rolling (and glowing) above the UV light and wooden marimba musical element that plays a tune from opera Lakmé by composer Léo Delibes’. It has three stage LED lighting – two LEDs on top, two in the middle and one under the marimba.  

But why Dream Maker?  Through the little figures it reflects some dreams that humans have about their carrer. From top to bottom there are sportsmen, artists, all who work with computers, technical professions, medical professions and finally a tie wearing men. The lift is pushing the balls towards their birth so from the top to the bottom of the sculpture there is a transition from youth to maturity.

Another interesting feature are the red-blue couples. There are 3 tracks for red balls and 3 tracks for blue balls. Each track has a couple track from the opposite side/color so there are 3 couples in total.

I’m also proud to present tracks that go through the various loops. When two blue balls roll on the loops , they meet the red balls rolling through the loop. Also, a track from the loop for the red balls goes through the same loop for three times and balls do meet there.

This sculpture has more of my time in it than any sculpture before and I think that’s noticeable 🙂