Devils Marbles

length: 130 cm
width: 40 cm
height: 87 cm
TIG welded electropolished stainless steel
25 mm glass balls

Date of completion: August 2021

The sculpture is named after Karlu Karlu (Devils Marbles is an English name). This Conservation Reserve and one of the oldest religious sites in the world is located in the Northern Territory of Australia in the locality of Warumungu about 105 km (65 mi) south of Tennant Creek, and 393 km (244 mi) north of Alice Springs.

It was commissioned by a  private collector from Australia.

For the first time I introduced an adjustable track switch. The switch is adjusted by moving a weight located on top of the switch. There are three possible positions for the weight. Right position makes the switch direct a ball to the loops every time. Center position makes it switch between the loops and the jump. Left position of the weight makes it switch  to the jump every time.

Next feature I’m very proud of is when a light blue ball and dark blue ball from the double ball collector enter their zig-zag track at the same time. One from the right front side, the other from the back left side and they meet in the middle.