length: 130 cm
width: 50 cm
height: 80 cm
TIG welded stainless steel (no polish)
25 mm glass balls

My first commissioned piece. It was commissioned by a collector from Naples – Italy. He already had an idea about the elements in the sculpture and also about the overall measures being in golden ratio – something I have adopted for my future work. I’ve added a golden spiral on the top as an extra golden ratio feature. This sculpture has a silhouette of the Vesuvius volcano ( Vesuvio in Italian) seen from the Naples bay (as shown in the beginning of the video). The sculpture contains two 10 ball collectors that demonstrate the eruption of the volcano. There is also a wavy track demonstrating a sea in the bay in front of the volcano. The wheel with numbers is used to get the lottery numbers – I hope they were lucky numbers 🙂